about me.

okay, so ive been posting here a couple of weeks here now, its probably about time i introduced myself, right?

i;m Dee, im 23 and living in New Zealand, althought i spend time in Sydney every once and a while.
i love Gareth Pugh, The Kills, Blythe (though im yet to own my own doll!), shoes, Patrick Wolf, tattoos, mixtapes (i make a killer mixtape btw..), sending and recieving post, The Virgin Suicides & i want to run away to Paris all the time!,
i make zines (i will post links so you can view them later),
i love to draw and paint and create, most of the results are posted @ my deviantart profile.

the best gig ever was definately The Horrors in Sydney in 2007, they are lovely boys and i also made some of my best friends at that gig.

Edie Sedgwick is my hero, along with Alison Mosshart & Patrick Wolf
i have a tattoo on my arm, it looks like this:

&in two weeks time, i shall have a unicorn tat on my chest.



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