an insight into my footwear collection…

i’ve never really shared much of my personal style/wardrobe on this blog. but i think i am going to start.
one of my ‘rules’ is to keep it simple with a reallly really great footwear.

yesterday i purchased a pair or 8eyelet patent grey dr martens:

i’ve also been giving these Paolo Vandini winklepickers some serious love/wear recently. i bought them a year ago, but was never sure about them..until now! plus, they always get a lot of attention when i get them out.

i would love to aquire a pair of these glitterpickers from the Vandini ‘Rockstar’ collection:

i’d also love to add a pair of these Vivienne Westwood/Melissa 3 strap heels:

and if someone wants to send me a pair of these Gareth Pugh beauties, i aint gonna complain ;P



2 Responses to “an insight into my footwear collection…”

  1. Dee!
    the docs are sooo goood!
    i want them!
    they’re the perfect shade of grey!
    post an outfit pic with them on?

  2. the docs look amazing 🙂

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