day two menswear S/S10 -Milan (part two)

while some would call vivienne westwood’s shows overstyled, i have to disagree, its a fashion show, when else can you go all out? (besides editorials maybe). at first when i looked at this collection, i was completely overwhelmed, but when you pull it to bits, it all starts to make sense, and you find absolutely amazing pieces, for example those b/w polka dot shoes (which are going to find there way into my wardrobe somehow or else.) i love the stripes and cuts of the trousers held up with the belts, and the space pants in the 2nd to last pic are out of this world! ahaha.

the hot pants are HOT! and i guess i just love the breeziness of this. im sort of in love with billowy pants after seeing this man looking fabulous in them in sydney airport last year. (strictly for vacation or sunday-wear only mind you.)

some of this collection was not that great, but i insist on finding something likeable in as much as possible. but i do love all these looks, especially the first one and the coat in the second. and there was a couple of electric pink pieces, which i didnt include, but they totally werked.

for full collections see the fashion spot.


One Response to “day two menswear S/S10 -Milan (part two)”

  1. i need alot of these blazers and the loutfit with the black and white striped shirt

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