Milan menswear fw S/S10 -day three

so far the most summer-y collection 😛 and i totally love it. it would make the perfect summer capsule wardrobe, i cant imagine needing much else to get yourself thru the spring and summer months, (except maybe take away the too wierd foot brace sandals and replace with the polka dot brogues from vivienne westwood!). its wonderfully monochromatic, with a slight injection of blues and oranges, orange is so fun, its definately underrated. and dont get me started on the neck pieces, i need some hi-res so i can create a diy version for myself immediately. ahhhhhhh times like these i wish i was a boy (or at least the boyish figure to pull off these looks!)

’60s prep meets punk? it totally works. the floral bits look amazing, im definately all for men wearing florals! while the pants and coat might be too much for most, the simple vest with the single rose is perfect.

the overturned pants are interesting, i quite like it, but im not sure why, and the leather jackets at the end are gorgeous! otherwise nothing spectacular but some nice pieces.

i found most of the Prada show kinda repeatative, but the clothes are beautiful, and it wasnt the worst of the day. but the transparent trousers? really? wtf?


One Response to “Milan menswear fw S/S10 -day three”

  1. Gianfranco Ferre is the best collection from the show by far. Everything else is pretty blah to me.

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