Paris mens fw S/S10 – Blaak, Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, John Galliano, Givenchy

continuing with the trend in paris of sheer/mesh EVERYWHERE, a trend that looks good on the models, but i am afraid of the transition to the streets.. saying that i do love that first sweater though…

while not everyones tastes, i think the coloured plaid patchwork jackets are fun, as with the multiple bowties and the dropcrotch pants are the best ive seen yet.

as with vivienne westwood, John Galliano’s styling is totally theatrical and over the top, its always fun to see what hes gonna come up with. pulling it all to bits, the tailoring on the jackets is gorgeous, the heavy belting is amazing, and this is one of the first collections where i actually like the sandals!

the collection was a bit iffy in the middle, but it started off beautifully, i especially liked the bib detailing on a couple of the first shirts, and then at the end, the scattered stud detailing on the pants and shirts.


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