Eau Mega.

noticed a few posts about the place on the new fragrance by Viktor & Rolf, Eau Mega, im rather excited since i already spend my days alternating between V&R’s Flowerbomb and Antidote.

Eau Mega:

“We dreamt of an essence that could express a new feminine freshness. ‘Eau’ in French has a slightly surreal connotation for those who can read between the lines.”

The juice itself represents the duality of the V&R brand as a whole, i.e. edgy luxury, a mix of floral-fruity (think violet, basil, pear) and rich-creamy (think sandalwood, cashmere, white musk).

The spritzer is activated by squeezing the big V&R golden seal—or “megamizer,” designed by Fabien Baron—while the nozzle is just for show.

Viktor & Rolf see the Eau Mega girl as a super-heroine, able to “megafy” the world and “transform reality into her own universe of beauty and glamour.”

Eau Mega launches in October.


One Response to “Eau Mega.”

  1. wonder if there’s a men’s version in the works.
    this idea of artificial scents is VERY Comme Des Garcons
    ….i love Raquel atm also, but this add is more DKNY than V&R, i am sad to say.

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