this is why i should not be allowed on or any other sites selling Vivienne Westwood items.

i apologise for the brief unannouced hiatus we’ve been experiencing, ive been having internet troubles and well just generally crazy busy with school. plus also its just nice to take a holiday from things like this to get fresh eyes and ideas. but im back for now, lets hope for good.

recently ive been thinking a lot about how to present myself in the future. my dreams for this time are wide and varied, from graphic designer to working in fashion, starting my own magazine to taking over the entire world! (yes, several particularly lovely people told me this is a viable and exciting idea, that the world would infact be a much prettier place, not necessarily very functional though..)
the ultimate success outfit to me is almost certainly a Vivienne Westwood dress suit. this weekend, i spent some time having a good squizz at the beauties,

the very classic, i think the grey really MAKES it,

and the black of the same, i dunno about black, but i still adore this very much.

this one is quite lovely, with the detail on the skirt and a more classic blazer.

and i thought, well if im going to be getting a suit, well, hey, i may as well stock up on some of my other VW favourites…

ebony large orb bag which ive pinned after for years…vintagelook large orb pendant, an off-white coat from the red label collection, ahhh and what is to be the prize of my VW collection the classic platforms whichi would be quite happy to have in any style/colour/platform height on offer.

Bale Sunday red dress from the anglomania aw09 collection, queen viv crown, and finally the delicious suede pirate boots (they look so soft! i have a tiny obsession with suede boots :P)

anyway, i neeed to go wipe the drool off my chin,
hope you enjoyed this post
toodles xx


2 Responses to “this is why i should not be allowed on or any other sites selling Vivienne Westwood items.”

  1. gallery worthy!

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