i only think of you.

my current style king is Faris Badwan, of ze horrors. their new album has been keeping me sane on my daily train rides. ive been rocking my docs and black jeans and leather jacket almost daily.
(dear horrors, if you happen to read this, please come visit new zealand soon please, i will bake you cupcakes this time xxx)


One Response to “i only think of you.”

  1. omg as soon as i read the thing about the cupcakes, i got a flashback to this dream i had a few weeks ago…we met up somewhere in NZ – forgot the town, and we were supposed to be a band. i think it was the horrors, but i can’t be sure. first we went to this really fancy cafe. then we somehow ended up on the tour bus with them. some crazy shit happened, but it was too long ago for me to remember all the deets. 😦

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