to my dear blog readers,

i feel bad about the randomness of my posting nowdays,
i jst spent the weekend at a design conference Semi-Permanent, which i plan to report on in the coming days, there were some really inspiring and interesting speakers and despite my busy-ness at school, ive decided to take on several new projects in order to become as amazing as some of those people some day soon! more about that later…

image via le love


2 Responses to “to my dear blog readers,”

  1. oh, i wanted to go to the sp in auckland. the sydney one was good but there was too much design wankery amongst some of the crowd. kind of general pants/sportsgirl clones thinking they’re ~so unique & alternative~

    • oh you should have come! there were some amazing speakers, although the crowd was much the same, a lot of wanky students, blegh!

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