Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2010

leather and zipper headpieces galore, aaammmaazing!


2 Responses to “Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2010”

  1. i liked how this reated so strongly to the menswear collection.
    they were really harmonious, and that’s something i think a lot of designers struggle to do or just disregard, but i really think a label should have a strong opinion for each season that bridges any gender issues. It just reaffirms the purity of the thinking imo.

      i will never ever understand why so many designers dont bother to make their menswear and womenswear cohesive and strongly related to one another, it just seems to obvious to do? i just adore his and her’s versions of things, and more so recently, androgynous collections to be shared, ahaha!
      maybe this thinking is due to how i am with my design work, if anything is to be said about my work, its that im obsessively cohesive! as you probably are too.
      i guess, some of us get it, some dont, perhaps?

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