i’m sorry, i’m terribly shy.

ive been a very bad blogger lately. ive had a very busy few weeks at school, and i cant imagine it will get any better for a while unfortunately. although my next project is my absolute dream, i get to create my very own magazine, of which i will surely share some of the results with you all. 🙂

anyway, ive been collecting subtitled stills from old movies for a little while now, its become a little obsession, they are sort of fun, dont you think?


5 Responses to “i’m sorry, i’m terribly shy.”

  1. the most delightful post ever in blog land?

    • hehehe! well arent you just the most delightful commenter in blog land 😛

      i do wish i had seen more of these films though, although, i sort of like the screencaps out of context.

  2. these are so beautiful and poetic.
    keep collecting!

  3. souled_out Says:

    Where is the-im sorry, im terribly shy-one from?

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