vintage tattooed ladies.

just found these wonderful vintage tattoo photos on this great little vintage photo community on livejournal, i had to take a break from my work to post them here, because i actually just couldnt wait to share! ❤

and now ive got to get back to my next school project! im rather excited about it, although there is so much planning involved im already loosing sleep! argh!
(also remind me next time to share some pictures of my magazine!)


3 Responses to “vintage tattooed ladies.”

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls!
    These are amazing…and so inspiring, haha.
    I love!


    • very inspiring! it makes me really want to learn more about the history of tattooing, as well as get more tattoos ahahaha!

      • Ditto!! I particularly like the second and third ones. After summer I want to start adding to my arm 😀

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