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Can someone find me a copy please? or facebook me if you know where i can get one online! x


my dearest friend…

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I just found out i will be seeing Devendra Banhart this summer! ive been meaning to make a Dev.B post forever, and i guess this is probably the perfect opportunity!
also a reminder for me to pick up his new album.
He’s amazing!

i love this videoooooo!


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just stumbled across this article/interview with Lara Stone for the december issue of british vogue, its pretty amazing, this is the second Stone interview that ive really loved (the first was one which appeared in i-D about a year ago?), not only is she a babe, but she generally seems like the most amazing woman ever.
yes, i sort of want to marry her right now. ahah.

(ps if you cant read the words, you can right-click view-image to see the full view)

black 11.

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The new issue of Black magazine is out soon, and I couldnt be more excited! The covers are so amazing, the models look goorgeous, and the colours they have used are just amazing. im usually one for simple but effective black, white and shades of grey, but the Constance Jablonski cover is making me see the beauty in washed out demin blue ❤
im really excited to see how the content within measures up!
ps. promise im going to be a better blogger from now on! (to make sure, im going to schedule a couple more posts tonight to appear later this week)

black light.

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i’m currently borrowing ‘The House of Viktor & Rolf’ and im completely in love with it, i recommend it to everyone, and as soon as i can, i hope to add it to my personal collection.
I thought i would share a fewamazing scans of outfits from their spring/summer 1999 collection ‘Black Light’

will share more soon, there is just soooo much goood stuff!!!

whats so wrong with living in a dream world?

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Yamil Castiglione for VNFOLD magazine via The Fashionisto.

i’m sorry, i’m terribly shy.

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ive been a very bad blogger lately. ive had a very busy few weeks at school, and i cant imagine it will get any better for a while unfortunately. although my next project is my absolute dream, i get to create my very own magazine, of which i will surely share some of the results with you all. 🙂

anyway, ive been collecting subtitled stills from old movies for a little while now, its become a little obsession, they are sort of fun, dont you think?