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vintage tattooed ladies.

Posted in tattooes with tags , on November 16, 2009 by Dee

just found these wonderful vintage tattoo photos on this great little vintage photo community on livejournal, i had to take a break from my work to post them here, because i actually just couldnt wait to share! ❤

and now ive got to get back to my next school project! im rather excited about it, although there is so much planning involved im already loosing sleep! argh!
(also remind me next time to share some pictures of my magazine!)


tattooed – tyler riggs.

Posted in models, tattooes with tags , on June 25, 2009 by Dee

i love tats, im always fascinated to see peoples and convince them to get them, haha, as well as tattooing up my own body, im currently thinking about getting a merman as the first part of a sleeve design, ive no drawings to show you yet, but i might try some sketches a bit later.

anywho, im sure its no surprise that i love boys with tats, so im going to do a series of posts with my favourite ones! 😛

part one: Tyler Riggs.

his tat is Dali’s painting ‘The Temptation Of St Anthony’

my name is tristan. and im alive.

Posted in about me, tattooes with tags , on February 16, 2009 by Dee

unicorn tattoo
the latest.
based on the patrick wolf one.

show me yr tats..