i’m gonna braid exotic birds in your hair…

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hi! sorry for the hiatus!
im considering making my posts more personal, and not just random stuff whenever. i guess there are more exciting and creative things happening atm, which is more exciting to share than the same old pictures you can see on all the other blogs…
today i am sharing some illustration and hand drawn type work ive been doing in the past couple of weeks…

ive also started a new Tumblr account: sweetpantsdee.tumblr.com where i will be posting things that are inspiring me, so if you enjoy that aspect of this blog, you should definately add that! 🙂


Vinnie Woolston for the Superfine S/S10 Lookbook

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imagesfrom denimaniac. thanks Leonie for the tip off about these ^_^

this is not a brothel, there are no prostitutes at this address.

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99c dreams.

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Le Culte.

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today i thought i would share with you a few pages from the magazine i created for my course, most of my close friends (who probably make up most if not all of my readers here) have already seen it, so sorry if im boring you, but anyway, i’d really love to hear any comments you may have!

(models: myself & matthew s.)

(drawings by matthew s.)

vintage tattooed ladies.

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just found these wonderful vintage tattoo photos on this great little vintage photo community on livejournal, i had to take a break from my work to post them here, because i actually just couldnt wait to share! ❤

and now ive got to get back to my next school project! im rather excited about it, although there is so much planning involved im already loosing sleep! argh!
(also remind me next time to share some pictures of my magazine!)

meet me in the bathroom..

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